A Transformational Vision

Sustainable Rio Claro 2020 is a transformational project to enhance the well-being of the community of Rio Claro. They have embarked upon a plan to preserve the natural bounty of the region and the traditional way of life enjoyed by its residents while seeking local solutions to a sustainable way of life.

This plan rests on a plural “Vision” for a sustainable future, developed through wide engagement of stakeholders. Strategic projects and actions have been identified, to achieve goals laid out in the collective vision.


Our goal is to utilize local resources and ingenuity to create a new model for rural development. Self-determination of a collective future by the community through informed, inclusive and sustained dialogue is the bedrock of this program. Operationally, a clean energy enterprise, taking advantage of Brazilian micro-generation policies,  is expected to create revenue for reinvestment into the community for essential infrastructure creation.

Community members and the Rio Claro residents association are the primary stakeholders, and are partnered by ONG Consciencia Limpa for this program. The Global Development Research program (by the United States Agency for International Development and Arizona State University) has supported the program through its research fellows.

Rio Claro can potentially be a model and inspiration for other rural communities facing similar challenges. This website is a platform to track our progress, interact with stakeholders and benefactors, and enable cross pollination of ideas. If you would like to get involved, please use our contact page and consider supporting the program.